So after a long absence while in Vancouver, I attended puppy kindergarten with Mortie the genius Jackapoo. After the puppies all visit with each other,Merve, the instructor, has the owners and dogs demonstrate sit and come. Let’ see there is a beagle,Simon, a doberman pinscher (forget his name) complete with bandages on his ear, a black poodle type dog, Maggie, and a caramel coloured poodle, Zoe.

Most of the dogs eventually came although they get distracted by the rows of dogfood on either side of them. Mortie and the doberman probably respond the best. The new trick we learned today was “Down”. After the puppy gets to you, you stand up and save the treat in such a manner that he/she lies down. Then you give the pup the treat and say “Good down.” (Such pigeon English)

Tall dogs have no problem with this command because they have to lie down to reach the treat. Short Mortie types can just reach down. In a moment when I thought no one was looking, I told Mortie to shake and he did. Merve then bet me Mortie wouldn’t be able to lie down on command next week. If he did, I could have Merve’s job.

The challenge was on. Never underestimate our Jackapoo. This afternoon he was bounding for me on “Come” and hurtling himself to his tummy on “Down”. The funny thing is I’m not sure Mortie knows the difference between all the commands. When he sees a treat he just tries out all his tricks out on me. He looks intently “Look”, sits, holds out his paw just in case I want to shake and then, if all else fails, slumps down.

Still by next week, I’m pretty sure Merve can hand me the reigns of his class. Afterall Mortie got the trick in a few minutes. After a whole week, I think I can teach him to wave to people from the car.

By the way I’m reading a funny book not available on the book stands ’till August.
It’s called A is for Angst by Barara Haworth-Attard. It’s almost like a Canadian version of the Snogging books except of course it’s in Canadian. None of that off putting British slang. Well I’m sure it’s not off putting to the Brits.

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