We never stop talking unless it’s to read.  Sometimes we discuss our books.  Gisela Sherman’s reading one on world war II as research for the novel she’s working on. I’m reading a mystery set in the Kootenays, one of my favourite parts of the world, by Vicki Delany a writer who once took a course I taught (Creative Writing Its Realities–not my title). While I’m not a serious mystery buff,  I like to follow her cast of small town characters, including Constable Molly Smith, as they fumble through and solve crimes.

As we strolled the beach, we met a lady enjoying the latest Harry Potter before she gives it to her granddaughter.  Next door to us in a hammock lay a man who read his ebook for about four hours straight. One of the problems with those is the next door neighbors can’t tell what you’re reading!

Summer is one of the best times to relax with a great story, in whatever format.

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