The other day there was a message on my answering machine. “This is Jane Doe from Halton District School Board…” (Jane Doe is being used to protect the identity of the real caller)

My first thought: Ah, Hunter, what have you done wrong. Gee I hope you’re okay.
“Your name came up…”
Second thought (the authors reading this will appreciate this line of thinking): Yay, they’re hiring me to talk at a professional development day. Mortgage payment, score.
“…because there’s a school opening in the fall …
third thought(still thinking like an author here): Oh a school visit, okay half a mortgage payment. Still it’s nice to be asked.
“…and we want to name it after you.”
What? No really. The message said to call back immediately. How long had I been gone for?
Of course when I returned the urgent call, Jane Doe was gone so I had to wait, gobsmacked, tidying ’cause you shouldn’t have a messy kitchen if someone’s going to name a school after you.
Crazy thoughts come into your head. You feel like you should write your memoirs and/or die fairly soon. You feel like you should be a better person. That afternoon I returned my grocery cart from the other end of the strip mall where I had originally parked to go to the bank.
Immature thoughts too: wow, think of all the cool personalized stuff that will be available.
Sylvia McNicoll mugs, Sylvia McNicoll hoodies, Sylvia McNicoll pens–I’ll try to buy some of those if they come available.
Jane Doe finally called back and it seems there are three other names in the running, can’t remember any others but Dundas Heights.
No I don’t think I’m famous enough or all that worthy but, yes, I feel honoured. I drove by and took a photo of the potential Sylvia McNicoll Public School. No matter what it’s called, in my heart it will always be mine.

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