Things you can’t do with one hand:

Hook your bra closed.
Button your jeans,
Perform a three stroke alt click save to desktop on a Mac notebook.  In order to download this photo,  I had to twist around and hurt my sore wrist.
But just see how beautiful.  My friend Lynda sent me this edible arrangement.  There are chocolate apple slices and strawberries with nut and coconut sprinkles.  
With one hand, I was unable to capture Mortie leaping for the yellow smilie face star balloon attached to the arrangement.  Then suddenly, pop, Mortie was gone.  The smilie face  deflated.
Mortie’s hanging around the top floor of the house way far away from Smilie on the bottom level in my office,
The other thing that’s  hard to do is to keyboard and eat delicious dark chocolatey fruit.  My white keyboard has brown smudges.  I’ll lick those off when I’m desperate.
Thank you Lynda! 

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