The week before March break, I was stricken with one of those annoying colds that makes your throat sore for three days and then launches you into a full blown sneezy wheezy grumpy dopey (and all the other dwarves) colds.

The irony was the teachers at Charles Beaudoin had hoped I might address “voice” in writing.
Well sure. It was hard to do without one. Sucking on Halls and ice cubes, drinking tea and sipping on homemade chicken soup all didn’t help.
To crown it all, I performed my first virtual visit at Aurora Public Library’s YA book club.
I rested my voice for hours only to discover I hissed like a crazed granny when I tried to talk about Last Chance for Paris. ( Also I need to figure out lighting because either I was totally in the dark or I looked as though a divine light was shining through my face.) I wanted so badly to chat with them too. Although many of them were fantasy readers they said they all enjoyed my book.
With a week off from AIE (artist in education) duties, I’m all better. I did manage to write without a voice. I finished Death on YouTube and renamed it Dying to Go Viral. Now I’m dying to hear how my agent and Norwegian publisher like it.

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