giraffeandbirdWriters share a common passion, a kind of living-in-our-imagination-and then-pouring-it-on-paper- pastime that can make us lonely. If we’re lucky we find each other. In Burlington, my home base, I have found Jennifer Maruno, Rebecca Bender, Jennifer Mook-Sang and Lana Button. We get together, we critique each other’s work.Best Friends coverb8196e7bbf21844a5f45a3643b061d33Willow This Saturday we’re hoping to create a larger community between other writers in the Burlington area.¬†Where better to find it than the Burlington Public Library. Whether you are a teen, a senior or in between. ¬†If you love writing, we hope you will come out and listen to us give you our hard won secrets and…find each other. If you are reading this, you are welcome to attend: Saturday, Feb 7 1:00 p.m. The Writing Studio Alton Public Library, Dundas St and Tim Dobbie Drive You won’t be alone any more.

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